BEL0185 Beldray 1000W Handheld Steam Cleaner

BEL0185 Beldray 1000W Handheld Steam Cleaner

BEL0185 Beldray 1000W Handheld Steam Cleaner
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This small and very portable handheld steam cleaner is hitting all the rights notes with users.Comparable to most of the steam cleaners in this range for size, it also comes with a number of accessories which expands the range of application this appliance can be used for.

Key Features:
1000W of steam from the Beldray ~ Water tank has 0.22L capacity ~ Weighs just 1.4Kg when full ~ 12 minutes steam time

With a fairly long power lead, this steam cleaner also comes with the following accessories; ~An Extension Hose for this hard to reach areas ~Jet Nozzle for directing the 1000W of steam with pinpoint accuracy ~A Wide Attachment to help cover more ground ~A Cleaning Cloth for cleaning small marks ~A Round Brush for cleaning the hob and kitchen surfaces ~Angle Nozzle ~Window Cleaning Attachments

There is little that sets all the appliances in this specialised category apart and you may end up looking to other factors when making your final decision. This particular unit is the lightest of the better quality steam cleaners in the handheld category. It comes in 3 colours and is highly suited to the small space cleaning tasks like the kitchen and the bathroom. It is a worthy tool to add to any home cleaning arsenal and you will be glad you made the investment.

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